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Lasers for Swept source OCT


The HSL series offers a wide range of choices in parameters such as coherence length, sweep rate and wavelength range to suit your application.


HSL-10/20 MEMS Scanning Lasers HSL-10/20
HSL-1100/2100 Polygon Scanning Lasers HSL-1100/2100
Since 2005 Santec has been a leading supplier of swept lasers for imaging applications such as optical coherence tomography (OCT). These lasers are continuously scanned, at high speed, over a wide tuning range of up to 170nm. Scan rates of up to 100kHz are available. The coherence length that governs imaging depth can be chosen up to 30mm. The performance of the HSL laser has opened up applications beyond OCT in fields such as spectroscopy, metrology, and fiber-optic sensing.