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OEM Modules


OCT Components for OEM

Santec’s extensive experience in optical component manufacturing, system integration and support makes us an ideal OEM partner for OCT components and modules. In-house manufacturing of all the key OCT components means we can work with our partners to meet their specific requirements. Swept source engines support medical grade standard such as IEC60601and CE mark. Today, there are several FDA approved OCT systems available on the market with Santec lasers and components inside. We also provide technical support/transfer for launching specific OCT projects; services we can support include:

  • Hardware
OEM light sources (swept source)
Photo detectors
Endoscopic fiber probe/catheters
Optical delay lines
Specially designed data acquisition board
  • Software
System control, SDK
Custom FFT algorithm
Custom GUI
Post acquisition data analysis and interpretation


HSL-10 / 20 OEM

HSL-10/20 OEM offer a small footprint ideal for system integration, with cutting edge optical performance. Fast and with long coherence at both 1.3micron and 1micron wavelength ranges mean the HSL-10 and HSL-20 deliver the in best imaging performance. Already in volume production and with capacity to grow, Santec is your ideal OEM partner.

  • Small foot print
  • Flexibility for customization


  • OEM source for OCT systems and other application


HSL-100 / 200

HSL-100/200, based on market leading polygon scanning laser. Our most diverse laser in terms of specifications available, the HSL-100/200 can be used in a wide range of configurations to optimize image quality. With over 2,000,000 hours of use in the field these lasers have proven reliability.
Maintaining the same high performance of bench-top, the size is miniaturized with external power supply, supporting RS-232C communication for external control and integrated monitoring by system software. Specifications (ex. Scan rate, scan range, coherence length, output power, etc) can be customized to fit to OEM solutions.

  • High reliability
  • Compact design
  • Low RIN (Relative Intensity Noise)


  • OEM source for OCT systems and other application


IFM-100 / 200

IFM-100/200 is an OEM module Mach-Zehnder type interferometer. A wide range of configurations can be realized based upon customer requirements including PS-OCT with added features such as targeting diode laser, and optical delay line. Thirty-five years of optical integration and packaging experience is applied to maintain high quality and high reliability as well as optimizing cost. Custom configuration including other interferometer types (ex. Michelson, Fizeau type) can be designed for OEM solutions.
FeaturesIFM-200 / 100

  • High reliability
  • Compact design
  • Optical integrated delay line, visible marker LD


  • Interferometer block for OCT systems
  • K-clock module for SS-OCT systems
  • Interferometer block for In-line inspection systems
  • Interferometer block for heterodyne measurement



BPD-200 is a balanced photo detector that outputs the difference of two detector signals. Typically used for reduction of common mode noise due to the laser power fluctuation. In heterodyne detection as in most of OCT applications, balance detection yields 3dB sensitivity advantage when detecting the signal inverted in phase between two input signals. Furthermore, special optics design significantly reduces the problem of undesired image artifact which can be a major frustration to those using balanced detection for OCT. We believe the BPD-200 is the best detector ever made specifically for SS-OCT applications.

  • Wide dynamic range(DC to 80MHz or 200MHz)
  • High reliability and high gain, high linearity
  • Flat balanced level
  • Specially designed for artifact-reduction


  • Swept Source – OCT
  • Heterodyne measurement
  • OFDR (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry)


OCT catheter/ endoscope

Over the past 15 years Santec has built a strong foundation in fiber-optic component production technology. This includes micro-optics assembly and state-of-the-art MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)devices for telecom applications. Adapting these technologies, we have developed unique OCT fiber catheters for endoscopic applications. Our team can propose a range of custom designs for OEM solutions.

  • High reliability
  • Fiber probeMEMS probe

  • Compact design


  • OCT catheter
  • OCT endoscope
  • Inspection probe for small area