E-Newsletter [OFC2012]

E-Newsletter [OFC2012]

February 29, 2012


We’re proud to be exhibiting at OFC 2012, and we hope to see you there!

Date: 2012/3/6-8
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CA, USA
Booth: #1613

Be sure to visit us at Booth#1613. We will be introducing our high speed optical component test systems with high wavelength resolution.


Swept Test System STS-510

The Santec Swept Test System, STS-510, has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed analysis with high resolution and accuracy is key. Combining Santec’s 5th generation tunable laser, TSL-510, with a Santec Swept Processing Unit SPU-100 and custom software the complete STS-510 system optimizes WDL measurement for use in both R&D and production environments.

  • Accurate WDL characteristics measurement (high power repeatability <+/-0.02dB))
  • Automatic normalization of laser source power
  • High wavelength resolution & accuracy
  • Reduced measurement time
  • Shared library support (DLL file)
  • Optical components and modules characterization
  • Photonic material characterization

Wavelength and Bandwidth Tunable Filter OTF-350

The OTF-350 is a versatile manually optical tunable filter that allows both wavelength tuning and passband width tuning independently. Unique precision free-space optics and an accurate tuning mechanism deliver excellent optical control and a flat-top passband shape.

  • Wavelength range:1530-1610nm (C&L Band)
    *O-band is also available.
  • Bandwidth:0.1-15.0nm
  • Flat-top filter shape
  • 40Gb/s, 100Gb/s transmission test
  • WDM wavelength tuning
  • ASE noise filtering
  • Next generation bundle wavelength OXC

Compact&Cost Effective Tunable Laser WSL-100

The WSL-100 is a compact and cost effective tunable laser source for use in WDM systems and optical measurement applications. This laser is tuned over C-band or L-band, covering a 38nm tuning range with 25 or 50 GHz channel spacing to the ITU-T grid. This laser can be controlled either by using the buttons on the front panel, by using GPIB interface or by using USB interface.

  • Tunable over C-band or L-band
  • 25 or 50GHz ITU-T grid tuning
  • High wavelength accuracy and stability with internal wavelength locker
  • Multi channel is also available.
  • Low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)
  • GPIB interfaces with the industry standard SCPI command

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