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Interview File.1

Santec Europe Limited,Managing Director

Dr. David Heard

I joined Santec in February 1998. I won’t forget my first day, as there had been a huge snowstorm the night before; when I arrived at the office the car park was almost empty and most of the staff had been delayed getting to work. I was immediately impressed by the comradery and teamwork amongst everyone as they covered for absent coworkers, and welcomed me to the company. I now know that this is so typical of Santec.

I started initially by providing support for my colleagues in our New Jersey office. I was immediately given responsibility working with major customers, and felt great satisfaction as I could feel my contribution to securing significant contracts was appreciated.

I am now responsible for the European market working from Santec’s office in the U.K. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the Santec team and the dedication of everyone to support our customers. Even though we are based all over the world, it is clear that everyone is working together, to achieve mutual goals.

Santec has a good reputation and it is always a pleasure to introduce the company to new customers. I also enjoy working in a position that requires both business and technical skills. I have the chance to see all aspects of the business, and to contribute to Santec’s future direction by proposing new products and new business opportunities.