Spatial Light Modulator SLM-100

Reflective LCOS (Phase only)

Santec’s reflective LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) is an advanced spatial light modulator for high resolution applications. The high-definition (HD) resolution, 10-bit (1024 gray levels) and excellent phase stability (~0.002π rad) make ultra-fine light modulation possible for various applications.

SLM-100 All in one typeSLM-100 Separate type


■User-friendly DVI interface

User-friendly DVI interface

■High resolution: 10-bit (1024 gray levels)

High resolution

■Ultra-low phase noise: ~0.002π rad

Ultra-low phase noise

■Super flatness available: λ/40 @633nm

The flatness of the LCOS can be λ/40 with the accompanying lookup table.
Super Flatness available



  • Beam steering
  • Wavefront correction
  • Pulse/Beam shaping
  • Diffractive optics
  • Optical tweezer
・Laser Processing Machine (※)

We are developing the SLM incorporated Laser Processing Machine with Professor Yamamoto and
Associate Professor Taira, faculty members at the Institute for Molecular Science.
Associate Professor Taira has developed the High power compact microchip laser, which is suitable for laser processing with one shot method.
The technique is constantly refined, adapting emerging technologies and techniques to provide higher efficiencies and
Laser processing machine

<Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Laser Processing Methods>
Merit and demerit according to the method of Laser processing