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Swept Test System


Swept Test System

The Santec Swept Test System has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed analysis with high resolution and accuracy is key. Combining Santec’s tunable laser, TSL-510/ TSL-710, with a Santec Swept Processing Unit SPU-100 and custom software the complete Swept Test System optimizes WDL/PDL measurement for use in both R&D and production environments.




Using real-time referencing, while simultaneously acquiring output power from TSL-510/TSL-710 and the transmitted optical power through the DUT, provides high accuracy in WDL/PDL analysis. Over-sampling and a rescaling algorithm are used to maximize testing throughput while maintaining measurement integrity. The system is particularly suited to transmission spectra characterization such as that required for DWDM components and Hi-Q photonic devices. Rapid sweep and accurate measurement saves time and ensures the integrity and validity of your device characterization.
You can configure a swept measurement system utilizing the Swept Test System with the Santec Tunable Laser TSL-510/TSL-710, Santec Swept Processing Unit SPU-100 and any basic optical power meter. Santec also offers photo receivers for swept measurements.



  • Real-time power reference
    -Accurate WDL/PDL characteristics measurement (high power repeatability <+/-0.02dB)
    -Automatic normalization of laser source power
    -No need of additional power meter for WDL reference
  • Rescaling algorithm utilized in sweep processing (data acquisition unit)
    -High wavelength resolution & accuracy
    -Reduced measurement time
  • Simultaneous multi-channel measurement
  • Measurement system can be combined easily with any basic power meter
  • Shared library support (DLL file)
    -Convenient set up of measurement parameters
    -Data analysis




  • Optical components and modules characterization
  • Photonic material characterization
  • Optical spectroscopy




Typical Configuration

1/Polarization Dependent Loss measurement

  • Tunable Laser TSL-510/TSL-710
  • Polarization controller santec PCU-100/Agilent N7786B
  • Optical power meter (Needs data logging function)

Software support

  • Agilent 816xA/B, 774xA optical power meter

2/Wavelength Dependent Loss measurement

  • Tunable Laser TSL-510/TSL-710
  • Swept Processing Unit SPU-100
  • Optical power meter (Needs data logging function)

Software support

  • Agilent 816xA/B, 774xA optical power meter
  • Yokogawa AQ2200 series optical power meter
  • Photo detector

Other customs may be possible upon request. Please ask.


Measurement result

WDL (Wavelength Dependent Loss) Measurement

1. Measurement dynamic range
There two choices of TSL-510 model depending on desired output spectral characteristics, one with higher SNR and the other with higher peak power. Choice of laser will depend on the required dynamic range and spectral profile of measurement. The graphs below show the transmission spectra of a bandpass filter and a notch type filter, respectively. TSL with high SNR enables high dynamic range measurement especially for this type of notch filter with sharp stop band (ex. FBG filter or interleaver).


2.Wavelength accuracy of measurement

TSL-510 can be equipped with an optional integrated wavelength monitor. The graph shows measurement examples when using TSL-510 with a wavelength monitor option. (Acetylene gas cell is used for wavelength reference.)

STS-510_Acetylene1 STS-510_Acetylene2

R Branch Absorption Wavelength [nm] * Santec Wavelength [nm] P Branch Absorption Wavelength [nm] * Santec Wavelength [nm]
13 1518.2131 1518.212 5 1528.01432 1528.015
11 1519.13686 1519.137 7 1529.1799 1529.180
9 1520.0860 1520.086 9 1530.3711 1530.371
7 1521.06040 1521.061 11 1531.5879 1531.588
5 1522.0603 1522.060 13 1532.83045 1532.830

* NIST Special Publication 260-133 2001 Edition





Parameter Unit Specifications Notes
open image / external link TSL-510 Type - Type A Type B Type C Type D
Dynamic range *1,5 dB 50 70 50 70 Bandpass filter
dB 30 70 30 70 Notch filter
Absolute wavelength accuracy *2,5 pm +/-57 +/-4.8 at 10nm/s
Relative wavelength accuracy *2,5 pm +/-27 +/-3.3 at 10nm/s
Wavelength repeatability *5 pm +/-11 +/-1.5 at 10nm/s
Scan speed nm/s 5 to 40
Wavelength resolution pm 1
Power resolution dB 0.01
Power repeatability *3,5 dB +/-0.02
Outputs fromDUT measured *4 - 1
Communication - USB (USB 2.0 High Speed) SPU-100 / PC
GP-IB (IEEE488.2) TSL-510 / OPM / PC
OperatingTemperature degC 15 to 35
Operating humidity % <80 non condensing
* All specifications are quoted after 1 hour warm-up period.All specifications applies when Agilent optical power meter 816x+816xx.*1 This value depends on scan speed.The measurement condition is within wavelength resolution 1pm, wavelength range 40nm for 1 channel.*2 Temperature within 25ºC±5ºC*3 Averaging time 100us*4 Multi channel is available.*5 Typical value