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OCT(Optical Coherence Tomography)SystemsIVS-2000①

OCT is a non-invasive imaging technique that relies on analyzing the frequency components of backscattered light from the internal structure of an object or tissue. The Santec OCT system utilizes our high performance HSL series swept sources to enable either 3-D or real time 2-D imaging with high resolution.





  • Industrial non-invasive inspection
    • Film thickness (overcoat, paint, etc.)
    • Defect inspection (resin, moulded plastic, etc.)
    • Figuration (semiconductor, etc.)
  • Biology & Medical microscope



  • Non-contact, Non-destructive, Non-invasive
  • 2D & 3D measurement
  • High speed (100kHz) & High resolution (<5um) OCT system
  • Doppler & PS OCT available
  • Including 3D viewer software
  • Customization available


System Configuration


OCT image of  tadpole

OCT image of thumb