Santec Offers High performance Tunable Laser, TSL-550

Santec Offers High performance Tunable Laser, TSL-550

Santec, a leading designer and manufacturer of tunable lasers, optical instruments, and fiber-optic components, introduces the latest in their series of high performance tunable lasers, the TSL-550.

The TSL-550 is a high performance tunable laser with a wide tuning range and an output combining high power and high signal-to-noise ratio. The mod-hop-free tuning TSL-550 is equipped with features such as fine tuning and coherence control making it a must have tool for precision optical testing. Santec has used an innovative cavity design to lower the optical ASE noise, resulting in an extraordinarily high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB/0.1nm, while also maintaining a high output power of over +10dBm.



  • Wide tuning range within 1260-1680nm
  • High output power +10dBm
  • High signal-to-noise ratio 90dB/0.1nm
  • High wavelength accuracy
    (Type A: ±20pm, Type C: ±5pm)

Thank you for your continuous support. We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to discontinue the production of “High Performance Tunable Laser TSL-510″.
Please see the following link for the detailed information.
As this might cause inconvenience on your side, we would like to ask for your understanding regarding this discontinuance.

Announcement of Discontinued Product: Tunable Laser TSL-510     learn_more_text
Product : Tunable Laser TSL-510
Final Order date : 31 March 2016
End of support for subject products : Either 7 years from the end of production (31. March 2016) or
  10 years from the date of shipment, whichever arrives first.
Alternative product : Tunable Laser TSL-550