E-Newsletter [New products and OFC 2019]

E-Newsletter [New products and OFC 2019]

Feb 19, 2019
Join us at OFC 2019 show
We’ll be unveiling a range of new instruments for optical test and measurement.
  1. Integrated swept laser test systems incorporating our new power meter MPM-210
  2. High Performance Tunable Lasers
  3. Compact Optical tunable filter MTF

OFC 2019

New! Swept Test System

The Santec Swept Test System has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed analysis, along with high resolution and accuracy are key. Combining one of Santec tunable lasers (TSL-Series) with a Santec optical power meter (MPM-210), a polarization control unit (PCU-100) and custom software, the complete Swept Test System optimizes WDL and PDL measurement for use in both R&D and production environments.

  • Real-time power referencing
  • Rescaling algorithm
  • Multi-channel measurement is available.
  • Supporting control software

Swept Test System

Santec’s TSL series TSL-770/TSL-710/TSL-550

The TSL series is santec’s line of high performance tunable lasers. In addition to the laser’s 0.1pm wavlength setting resolution, the TSL offers a maximum output power specification of over +13dBm and high signal-to-noise ratio over 90dB/0.1nm, making these lasers an ideal choice for a range of applications. The lasers also come equipped with fine-tuning and coherence control as sandard options.

  • Fastest Tuning : 200 nm/s Rapid Sweep
  • High Output power : +13dBm
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 90dB/0.1nm
  • WDL & PDL Measurement
  • Silicon Photonics Characterization

New! Compact Optical tunable filter MTF

The MEMS based tunable filter (code: MTF) is a passive optical component used in transceivers to reduce optically amplified noise and to improve transmission quality.The deployment of small form factor, compact integrations such as CFP, CFP2 and CFP8 have been accelerated in the 400G+ digital coherent transceiver market as well. The MTF has achieved a record low-voltage specification of 12V; 5 times lower when compared with other 60V suppliers. In addition, the MTF does not need a specific high voltage IC to drive the component. MTF-1

Coming events

1/OFC 2019 (Mar 3 – 7, 2019)

OFC 2019

2/PIC International (Mar 26 – 27, 2019)
Brussels, Belgium

PIC International

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