E-Newsletter [New products and CLEO 2014]

E-Newsletter [New products and CLEO 2014]

June 4, 2014
Join us at the CLEO 2014 show, Booth #2414
We’ll be introducing three new exciting products:
1) Flagship, premium performance tunable laser  TSL-710
High-SNR, High-Power, Picometer Accuracy and Sub-pm Resolution
2) Swept Test System
Fast, Accurate characterization of WDL and PDL of Photonic Devices
3) LCOS based Programmable optical filters  WSS-1000
Arbitrary Filter Shaping with 1-GHz resolution.
   Create the perfect filter for your application.

Topics for Silicon Photonic Devices Testing

FAST and ACCURATE characterization of Silicon Photonic Devices!

Swept Test System

The Santec Swept Test System is designed for high-resolution (sub-pm), high-speed measurement of optical WDL/PDL.

A proprietary rescaling technique enables sub picometer resolution measurement during wavelength scans of up to 40nm/s. The system is particularly suited to transmission spectra characterization such as that required for Hi Q Photonic Devices. Rapid sweep and accurate measurement is time saving and ensures the integrity/validity of your device characterization for academic presentation.



  • Accurate WDL/PDL characteristics measurement
  • Reduced measurement time
  • High wavelength resolution & accuracy
  • Automatic normalization of laser source power
  • Measurement system can be built easily with any basic power meter
  • Suitable for High Q photonic crystals or silicon photonic device


Measurement Diagram (High Q cavity devices)

DUT: Ultra-high Q cavities / Keio University supported

pdfSweptTestSystem-Brochure 362kb

Measurement Results (High Q cavity devices)

Novel photonic devices [1-12] are of great interest for the photonics research community. Basic characterization of transmission spectra is key in the development of new devices. Santec TSL-510 is the narrow line-width tunable external cavity laser that provides the solution for such measurement. The recently introduced swept test system STS-510 incorporates our 5th generation tunable laser, TSL-510, with a digitizer board and dedicated software. The STS-510 realizes rapid continuous sweep while taking spectral data in sub picometer resolution calibrated in wavelength and power.


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Coming events

1/CLEO2014 (10- 12 June 2014)  Booth #2414

2/OFS23 (2- 6 June 2014)  Booth #31

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