E-Newsletter [New products and FOE 2015]

E-Newsletter [New products and FOE 2015]

March 25, 2015
Join us at the FOE 2015 show
We’ll be unveiling a range of new instruments for optical test and measurement.

1) Full band, 1260-1640nm high performance tunable laser system with a new switch module OSU-100
2) Integrated swept laser test systems incorporating our new power meter MPM-200
3) Touch panel control come to our tunable filters with the OTF-980
4) Measure up to 80 channels simultaneously with the new Multi-Photodetector Array MPA-100

FOE 2015

Date: April, 08-10, 2015
Location: East Halls 4, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Booth: #34-43

High Performance Tunable Laser TSL-510

The TSL-510 provides market-leading performance in a compact, easy to use package. Continuous, mode-hop-free wavelength sweeps can be performed over its full 130nm tuning range with the highest output power. A variety of options are available to provide high output power, high SNR and high wavelength accuracy if required. Also, the tuning range is selectable from 1260-1680nm.

  • 130nm tuning range within 1260-1680nm
  • +13dBm peak output power (types A & C)
  • High SNR: 80dB/0.1nm (types B & D)
  • Fine-tuning and coherence control
  • Swept Test System Option

New! Programmable Wavelength&Bandwidth Tunable Filter OTF-980

The OTF-980 is a versatile programmable optical tunable filter that allows simultaneous and independent tuning of center wavelength and bandwidth over C & L bands. The OTF-980 is built with novel free-space optics combined with an ultra-fine tuning mechanism to ensure precise filter control and a flat-top passband shape. The OTF-980 is controlled either through a GPIB/USB interface with the industry standard SCPI command set or via the front panel touchscreen.

  • Wavelength range: C&L-band 1525-1610nm
  • Bandwidth adjustable range
    Standard 0.1-15.0nm
    Ulatra-Fine 0.08-4.0nm
  • Peak search function
  • Touchscreen or GPIB/USB control interfaces

New! Multi-Photodetector Array MPA-100

The highly integrated MPA-100 is available up to 80 channels with an excellent cost performance and small mount space. The MPA-100 is useful for many 40GbE/100GbE applications, such as testing and monitoring of transceivers (SR4, SR10, LR4, and ER4) for data communications, broadband / CATV, and telecommunications. Tap-PD model (input & output optical fibers and partial tapped power detection) is also available in custom. The general availability of the MPA-100 is on March 9th, 2015.

  • Multi-channels: 32, 48, 64, 72, and 80 ch
  • Operating wavelength range: 850nm or 1260 ~ 1610nm
  • Optical input range: -50 ~ +3 dBm per channel
  • Optical noise limit: -63dBm @1550nm
  • High-density MPO or MTP connectors
  • Dimension: (W)482.6x(D)430x(H)44mm. 1U Size

Coming events

FOE2015 (April 8 -10, 2015)

FOE2015 #34-43

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