E-Newsletter [New products and ECOC 2015 & OFS24]

E-Newsletter [New products and ECOC 2015 & OFS24]

September 17, 2015
Join us at the ECOC2015 & OFS24 show
We’ll be unveiling a range of new instruments for optical test and measurement.

1) High power and high SNR Tunable Laser TSL-550
2) Tunable Filter with touch panel control, OTF-980
3) High Speed, High Accuracy, High Resolution Swept Laser Sensing


New! High Performance Tunable Laser TSL-550

Santec introduces the latest in their series of high performance tunable lasers, the TSL-550. The TSL-550 features wide, high resolution, mode-hop free tuning with an output that combines both high power and high signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Wavelength range 1260-1360/1500-1630nm
  • High output power +10dBm
  • High signal-to-noise ratio 90dB/0.1nm
  • High wavelength accuracy
    (Type A: ±30pm, Type C: ±5pm)

New! Programmable Wavelength&Bandwidth Tunable Filter OTF-980

The OTF-980 is a versatile programmable optical tunable filter that allows simultaneous and independent tuning of center wavelength and bandwidth over C & L bands. The OTF-980 is built with novel free-space optics combined with an ultra-fine tuning mechanism to ensure precise filter control and a flat-top passband shape. The OTF-980 is controlled either through a Ethernet/GPIB/USB interface with the industry standard SCPI command set or via the front panel touchscreen.

  • Wavelength range: C&L-band 1525-1610nm
  • Bandwidth adjustable range: 0.03-3.0nm
  • Flat-top filter shape with steep filter slope: 1000dB/nm
  • Peak search function
  • Touchscreen or Ethernet/GPIB/USB control interfaces




New! Swept Laser Sensing

Santec’s Scanning Laser System is a sensing system that can measure the optical spectrum with high speed, high accuracy and high resolution. It has a tunable laser with single mode and mode-hop-free wavelength sweeps and fast a scan rate of up to 10Hz. Data acquisition function that can be used for spectral measurement is built-in.

  • Fast scan rate (Up to 10Hz)
  • Single mode and mode-hop-free wavelength sweeps
  • Wide wavelength range over 100nm
  • Optical component characterization
  • Sensing (Gas, FBG)
  • Molecular spectroscopy

Coming events

1/ECOC 2015 (September 27- October 1, 2015)
Feria Valencia, Spain

ECOC2015 Booth #335
2/Optical Fibre Sensors – OFS-24 (September 28-October 2, 2015)
Pestana Hotel & Resort, Curitiba, Brazil

OFS-24 Table Top #13

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