Santec is the first commercial manufacturer of external cavity tunable lasers. Our first product was released in 1987. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) for fiber optic telecommunications and high data rate transmission have been the driving forces to improve the performance of our lasers. Today’s products have high performance capabilities with wide tuning ranges, high wavelength accuracy, high power and low noise output. Applications are no longer limited to telecoms, but now cover a plethora of scientific disciplines.

The core technologies required to design and manufacture the tunable lasers have provided the foundation for our range of fiber optic test and measurement equipment. Santec’s tunable filter technology is what sets our equipment apart. These core technologies include mechanical, optical and electronic circuit board design together with software development for firmware, application control and drivers.

Optical and Mechatronic Design

Santec uses optical simulation software to aid its optical design and 3D CAD software with structural and stress analysis for mechanical design.


                                 Design of Optic                                                Structural Analysis (CAE)

Electronic Circuit Board Design and Firmware Development

We develop both analog and digital electronic circuits. Our engineers are specialists in H8S CPU and implementation of FPGAs. Most designs are either made in Assembler or the high level C computer language.

  • Software for building in:H8S CPU ,FPGA etc.
  • Development language: Assembler and C language


                                                              Circuit Board & Firmware development  

Software Development for Application Control and Hardware Drivers

Most instruments are provided with GPIB and USB drivers. Others are provided with a complete control software. These are developed in-house using industrial standard packages such as National Instrument’s LabView and Microsoft’s Visual Basic.


Application software for measurements           LabVIEW Driver for measurements