LCOS Performances

LCOS Performances

1. Phase shift (φ)

Phase changes of (a) π rad or (b) 2π rad are selectable by adjusting the LCOS drive parameters as shown in
the figure. The LCOS module shows a maximum phase shift of larger than 2π at 1550nm. User can choose π
rad mode or 2π rad phase shift mode by adjusting the drive parameters.Santec high resolution LCOS module
shows an excellent phase linearity without a LUT (look-up-table) option on the driver board. LUT is also
available as an option.


2. Response time(τ)

The LCOS has a fall-down time(90-10%),τd = 350ms as shown in the figure.


3. Flicker noise

The LCOS module is optimized to have an excellent short-term Flicker stability of 0.03dB (p-v) as shown in
the figure for fiber-optic applications.