Green Procurement Guidelines

Green Procurement Guidelines


It is in the company’s interest to minimize damages to the environment through good business practices. Santec’s environmentally friendly procurement system has the following key principles:

1) In addition to improving quality, price and delivery times, materials with the least detrimental effect on the environment have been carefully selected.

2) Preference toward suppliers that positively promote good environmental practices.



These guidelines apply to all of Santec’s products and the materials used in the production, processing and packaging of Santec’s products. This includes OEM products.

(※OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturing: Products manufactured by a partner company and sold under Santec’s brand name.)


Environmental Management System

We request one of the following from our suppliers

1) A recognized environmental management system such as the internationally recognized ISO-14001.

2) A clear policy regarding working towards a sustainable environment.


Environmental Consideration of Material Supplies

In addition to the quality, reliability, specification, function, price, service and support the environmental sustainability is taken into account when selecting products and materials for purchase.

(1) Chemical Substances

  • Through its quality assurance system, Santec ensures that no substances banned by Japanese law are present in the products and materials purchased. In addition, these banned substances are not used in our manufacturing processes.
  • A system is in place to ensure that any materials with restrictions on the permissible quantity are controlled. Records are available on request.

(2) Legislative Compliance

All materials purchased must:

  • Be compliant with Japanese laws regarding recycling and energy efficiency.
  • Generate minimal toxic waste on disposal (e.g. air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution.
  • Not generate excessive noise, vibration or foul odours.

(3) Energy Conservation, Resource Conservation and Recycling

  • All materials purchased must be designed to enable recycling and be manufactured with the minimum practical material and energy usage.
  • All materials purchased must be designed for recycling.

(4) Packaging

  • The packaging of all materials purchased must be recyclable and have consideration for energy and material conservation in its design.

(5) Information Provision

  • All materials purchased must be supplied with appropriate information relating to its environmental impact. The details of any substances contained in the materials must be disclosed.


Requirements for the Supply of Materials

Santec requests all suppliers to complete a survey detailing the chemical substances present in the materials, compliance with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives and compliance with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. The survey is also required before the purchase of any new materials.
Please contact us immediately if there are any further directives from public institutions.

The survey to request information on chemical substances present in procured materials conforms to the JGPSSI (Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative) survey guidelines dated 22 July 2003 and the related manuals are followed.
Information on the JGPSSI is available on the JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) web page. The link is given below. These tools and manual should be referred to when responding.

• JGPSSI Green Procurement Survey Manual and Tools




These guidelines may be updated according to changes in legislation and generally accepted codes of practice.