Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Vision- Creating OPTOPIA

300RSantec is guided by a commitment to the Optical Technology that is revolutionizing the way we perceive the world and share information. We believe broadband photonic solutions are fundamentally changing the way information is acquired and disseminated. Adoption of intelligent optical networking in the telecommunications backbone enables an unprecedented growth in data transfer and utilization. Santec anticipates a society advanced by photonics, with new capabilities such as all- optical Internet, and optical integrated circuits further that transforms the way we work, connect and relax. We call this newand enlightened world OPTOPIA.


(i) Pursuit of OPTOPIA
To contribute, in partnership with our customers, to the creation of Optopia using our original and unique photonics technology.

(ii) Leadership through Innovation
To produce the products and position ourselves to be No.1 and obtain the major market share.

(iii) Riches in business and pleasure
To promote the well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, stock holders and our community.





Three words encapsulate our corporate philosophy and are central to each employee’s sense of commitment and duty: Independency, Creativity, Consciousness (ICC). Independence allows for autonomy of decisions to be made by those on the front lines of technology. Creativity encourages the search for the best possible solution, regardless of convention. Consciousness is the awareness of each team member’s role in the larger mission, and inspires diligence and dedication to each project, each customer, and to our company.

The ICC Spirit is prevalent at every level of our organization, from the flexible nature of our Satellite corporate structure, through our rapid decision-making processes, right down to the enthusiasm of each employee in their daily work.

Satellite Organization System

Santec has a unique organizational structure which is best represented as a satellite. We call this the Santec Satellite System. The organization operates as three separate subsidiaries. The Satellite System provides both autonomy and flexibility to individual business units allowing them to respond rapidly to today’s dynamic business environment. While maintaining independence, the Satellite System ensures good communication between divisions and activities. As a result, individual business units can work together, as a team, to achieve Santec’s goals.