Santec Corporation is a multi-national high-tech company at the leading edge of fiber-optic component, laser and test equipment design and manufacturing. With rapid growth in the telecommunications industry, Santec has achieved quick expansion around the world while maintaining a small-company atmosphere. While extensive advancements have been made in the industry, there are many exciting technological and marketing challenges to come. Santec is the company where you can experience personal and career growth while you impact our growth. We are currently at work on our next-generation products and you could be a part of our next generation of success.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced products for the evolving demands of telecommunications, together with superior customer service. We are guided in our mission by our operating principles of independence, creativity, powerful teamwork and innovation in technology.
Santec is a company where individuals have the power to influence their careers and make a difference. Here, an independent, creative spirit is encouraged. The work place is fast-paced and ever evolving. Individuals at every level of the company are presented with the freedom to create solutions, contribute ideas and impact the future successes of the company.

While the Santec Corporation worldwide shares a common spirit of innovation and determination, each of our locations has their own unique features. Because of the extraordinary “satellite” system of the organization, each office has the ability to act independently to best meet the distinct qualities of their customers, employees and location.

Santec Corporation / Headquarters, Japan

Santec Corporation is the Headquarter for the company. It is also home to Production and our Research and Development department. We are located in Komaki, just thirty minutes away from Nagoya. Santec is a company where an individual can make his or her own dreams come true. The culture is one of independence and creativity. Employees have the power to express their thoughts, ideas and goals. There is a true spirit of freedom present. Each individual can make a difference in the continuing success of Santec. Santec is a human-oriented company that truly cares for its employees. Each employee’s goals are important. The spirit of the company encourages personal growth. Santec will support you in achieving your goals. We offer professional education sessions for career growth. Emphasis is placed on education because we feel that is how our company and our employees grow. We also believe in a fair, performance based review and reward system. Our facilities are a major attribute to the work environment at Santec. We have recently opened new buildings and have further plans for our Ohkusa Campus manufacturing facilities. The facilities are state of the art equipped with the most-up-to-date technologies. It is a clean, high-tech environment with a unique emphasis on personal workspace for individuals. In addition, our campus is complete with tennis courts, basketball courts and even a coffee terrace where employees can gather. The social aspect is another important factor to the work environment. Santec regularly sponsors company-wide social events. We have several properties that are available for employee’s personal and vacation use. While we work hard, we believe that it is important for our employees to enjoy themselves.

Santec USA Corporation, USA

Located in Hackensack, New Jersey, just fifteen minutes from New York City, Santec USA employees enjoy all the benefits of being in a major metropolitan area. Great dining, culture, entertainment and housing are all at the disposal of our employees. The United States and Canadian fiber optics market is dynamic and full of opportunity. Our customers are diverse and operate in the metro, long haul, systems, test and measurement and manufacturing sectors of the fiber optic market. Santec USA, in addition to its Sales and Marketing strengths, has recently expanded its Research and Development role within the organization, with emphasis on medical and LiDAR R&D in response to growth in applications that our technology can address as well as customer demands. Our casual business policy and serious solution-oriented team best demonstrate the culture at Santec USA. The Team works hard to achieve its goals and enjoys the benefits of a small company. Co-workers regularly organize lunches and events. As a result the Team is close knit and works well together. People at all levels of the organization participate equally in our efforts. Managers’ doors are always open and accessible to employees. Santec USA maintains the multi-cultural atmosphere of the company and the surrounding metropolitan area. Among the employees in the office, nine different languages are spoken!

Santec Europe Limited, U.K.

Situated in London, UK, Santec Europe provides sales and technical support for Santec’s products throughout Europe, Middle East, India and Pakistan. With such a broad customer base, employees have the opportunity to interact with people from many different countries and travel extensively. Teamwork and a relaxed working atmosphere are characteristic of Santec’s European technical support and sales center. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and the team works together to maintain a high level of service. We are all looking forward to the opening of our R&D lab early next year, with emphasis on advanced component R&D in cooperation with selected universities. The strong work ethic of Santec is complimented by regular social activities.