Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a cutting edg technology that can analyze microscopic structures from the surface non-invasively. It can reach a few millimeters in depth using infrared light waves that pose no threat of radiation unlike X-rays. OCT allows for a high speed three-dimensional visualization that enables on-site real-time diagnosis.

Swept source OCT

Complete SS-OCT Systems IVS-1000/2000
Portable OCT system     IVS-300

Lasers for Swept source OCT

MEMS Scanning Lasers  HSL-10/20
Polygon Scanning Lasers HSL-1100/2100

OCT Components for OEM

HSL-10 / 20 OEM
HSL-100 / 200
IFM-100 / 200
OCT catheter/ endoscope

Software for OCT data analysis

OCT 3D Image Viewer
Multi Slice Viewer