Santec provides various fiber-optic devices controllable by manual or electronic circuits and monitor detector devices. These products are suitable for fiber optic experiments in research laboratories, academia and development activities.

Variable Optical Attenuator

[Fiber-Optic Electronic Components] MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator MOVA-1/8

Optical Tunable Filter

[Fiber-Optic Manual Devices] Optical Tunable Filter OTF-320
[Fiber-Optic Manual Devices] Bandwidth Adjustable Tunable Filter OTF-350
[Instruments] Bench-Top Tunable Filter OTF-930
[Instruments] Programmable Wavelength & Bandwidth Tunable Filter OTF-980

Light Sources

[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-770
[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-710
[Light Sources Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-550
[Light Sources] High Speed Swept Test System
[Light Sources] Full-band TSL
[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser WSL-100
[Light Sources] Bench Top High Speed Scanning Laser HSL Series

Test and Measurement Instruments

→ Optical Instruments

Optical Power Monitoring

[Fiber-Optic Electronic Components] Tap-Integrated Photodetector IPD-1/4/8/10