Santec provides various fiber-optic devices controlable by manual or electronic circuit and also monitor detector devices. These products are suitable for fiber optic experiment in research laboratories, education and development activities.

Variable Optical Attenuator

[Fiber-Optic Electronic Components] MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator MOVA-1/8

Optical Tunable Filter

[Fiber-Optic Manual Devices] Optical Tunable Filter OTF-320
[Fiber-Optic Manual Devices] Bandwidth Adjustable Tunable Filter OTF-350
[Instruments] Bench-Top Tunable Filter OTF-930
[Instruments] Programmable Wavelength & Bandwidth Tunable Filter OTF-980

Light Sources

[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-770
[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-710
[Light Sources Bench Top Tunable Laser TSL-550
[Light Sources] High Speed Swept Test System
[Light Sources] Full-band TSL
[Light Sources] Bench Top Tunable Laser WSL-100
[Light Sources] Bench Top High Speed Scanning Laser HSL Series

Test and Measurement Instruments

→ Optical Instruments

Optical Power Monitoring

[Fiber-Optic Electronic Components] Tap-Integrated Photodetector IPD-1/4/8/10