Filter Chip

Filter Chip

Chip line up

Super-PON Filter
owl_thambnail A single chip Super-PON filter delivers high isolation for a range of demanding applications. Signal isolations of 35 dB in reflection and transmission are available.


CWDM Filter
owl_thambnailOur CWDM filter chip is suitable for LAN-WDM applications.

Super-AR Coating
owl_thambnail Conventional AR coating can suppress surface reflectance to 0.2 % while our . Super-AR coating can suppress surface reflectance to as low as 0.01 %.

Custom Filter
owl_thambnail We can make an edge filter, bandpass filter, half mirror, gain flatting filter, etc. We can also provide any chip size and have ultra-thin polishing capability.

Coating Technologies

Thin-film coating is one of key-elements in most of optical products and devices. A variety of coatings, such as an anti-reflection (AR) coating, a high reflection (HR) coating, a partial reflection (PR) coating, and a band-pass filter (BPF) are deployed for many our optical components and tunable lasers.


Santec has pursued to achieve advanced coating technology and the capabilities as one of core technology in santec for more than 10 years. Many types of unique coating processes are available in santec.

  • IAD(Ion-assisted deposition)
  • RAD(RF-assisted deposition)
  • IBS(Ion-beam sputter)

Santec has deployed total 12 units of these deposition machines.
Highly reliable direct coatings on glass substrate and on a GRIN (Gradient-index) lens are available.