MDM-15_4ch  (:104KB)
MDM-15_8ch  (:64KB)

Multi-Channel Mux/DeMux Module

The MDM-15 is a multi-channel WDM Multiplexer or Demultiplexer based on dielectric thin-film filter technology. The module is designed to add or drop 4/8 channels with ITU grid spacing of 100, 200 GHz.
Channels can be dropped with high adjacent channel isolation and all channels are subject to low insertion loss. The MDM-15 can also be configured with an additional band splitting filter to enable device cascading in DWDM systems.

Filter typemdm

  • 100 GHz, 200 GHz spacing for DWDM


  • Low Loss, Low PDL
  • High Isolation
  • Custom Filter Design
  • Epoxy Free on Optical Pass
  • Telcordia GR-1221 Qualified