WDM-15  (:221KB)
WDM-15(1.3/1.55)  (:100KB)

3 Port Add/ Drop Module

The WDM-15 is a compact and reliable bandpass filter module. It uses Santec’s proven interference filter technology and quality manufacturing techniques to provide a high isolation with long-term reliability and minimum loss.
Optimize your add/drop applications with our WDM filters. Our standard WDM filters cover the ITU grid in C and L-bands for 100, 200, and 400GHz channel spacing, with custom filter profiles available upon request.
Fully tested for long term reliability, these units boast high isolation as well as low insertion loss.

Filter type


  • 100GHz/200GHz spacing for DWDM
  • 4 skip 0, 4 skip 1, 8 skip 1
  • 1310/1550nm splitter
  • Blue/Red splitter


  • Low Loss, Low PDL
  • High Isolation
  • Custom Filter Design
  • Epoxy Free on Optical Pass
  • Telcordia GR-1221 Qualified
  • RoHS Compliance