Integrated Tap Photo Detector (:600KB)

The IPD is an optical power monitoring device consisting of individual tap-integrated photo detectors. The IPD is very compact and can be easily mounted on a PCB for system use. Optical properties are excellent and include a broad wavelength range covering C and L -band with low insertion loss and high sensitivity.
The IPD eliminates the need for an optical fiber coupler/splitter and a separate photo detector. The IPD provides a simple and low cost solution for optical power monitoring of DWDM, switch and amplifier systems.

  • Excellent Characteristics
  • Compact Design
  • Custom Build Available
  • Telcordia GR-468 Qualified
  • RoHS Compliant



  • IPD-UW
  • Operates over a wide wavelength range, 1260-1610 nm.

  • IPD-UD
  • Unidirectional with high PD isolation (>20 dB) between input and output ports.

  • IPD-F
  • Integrated filter detects only a selected wavelength range (100, 200 GHz, etc).

  • PM-IPD
  • Polarization maintaining version with high PER, >20 dB.

  • MM-IPD
  • Designed for multi-mode fiber applications.