UV hardend Spatial Light Modulator SLM-150 (:183KB)

Reflective LCOS (Phase only)

SANTEC has introduced a ultraviolet (UV) hardened spatial light modulator (SLM) based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology. This product is the world’s first two-dimensional SLM, extending their use into the UV band. The UV hardened SLM-150 has 42 times higher UV durability when compared to standard SLM devices. A power density up to 10mW/cm2 is sustainable using a novel liquid crystal and dielectric mirror design. The SLM-150 follows the popular first generation SLM-100 from Santec that has been deployed in various industrial and scientific applications, including beam shaping, computer-generated holograms, optical manipulation, and wave-front compensation. SLM-150


  • Laser processing
  • Biology sensing
  • 3D printing
  • IC triming
SLM-150 Specifications
Wavelength range 365 550 nm
AR coat range 365 550 nm
AR coat reflectance 0.7 % Angle of incidence = 0degree
Panel size (H)14.98 x (V)10.92 mm Active area
Pixel resolution (H)1440 x (V)1050 pixel
Pixel size / pitch 10.0 / 10.4 μm
Panel reflectivity Typ. >86 % Depending on specied wavelength range
Aperture ratio 92 %
Gray level 10 (1024) Bit
DVI video frame rate 60 Hz
LCOS drive frequency 1200 Hz
Phase depth rad.
Phase uctuation Typ. 0.003π rad.
Response time Typ. 50 ms
Signal format D-DVI 10-bit using RGB 8-bit, 3 colors
Storage temperature 0 40 degC
Optical power handling Typ. 40 MW/cm2 Peak power@355nm, pulse laser, pulse width 260psec, repetition rate 100Hz
10 mW/cm2 @365nm, 24H/day continuous operation

Figure 1 SLM-150, Lifetime test as a function of optical power handling.
Figure 1 SLM-150, Lifetime test as a function of optical power handling.