Tunable Filters List

Optical Tunable Filter with wavelength indicator OTF-320 (:437KB)

Manually wavelength tunable optical filter

The OTF-320 is a manual wavelength tunable optical filter that used the linear sliding method. This product has wide variety of filter profile options with combining filter type and number of cascaded filters (S1,S2,S3) to suit most fiber optic applications. It is suitable for basic laboratory use and also for system integration of wavelength selection during installation.

  • Thin-Film Filter Based Tunable Filter
  • Linear sliding method
  • 80nm tuning range
  • Excellent transmission characteristics and low
    PDL over entire tuning range
  • Analog wavelength indicator
  • Wavelength tuning knob with lock function




  • DWDM transmission systems
  • ASE noise suppression for amplified signals
  • Incoherent tunable light source combining with broadband light source
  • Fiber sensing