Arbitrary Tunable Filter WSS-1000

Santec introduces its latest Arbitrary Tunable Filter, the WSS-1000. Santec’s proprietary LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology inside the WSS-1000 enables the user to program a limitless range of optical filtering, attenuation and switching schemes.

The WSS-1000 is an enabling technology for investigating next generation optical networks by utilizing the filter as an optical equalizer of high-speed signals, as an adaptive channel filter for advanced optical transmission systems (DWDM, OFDM), as a WSS emulator or as a flexible test and measurement system.

Implementation of Santec’s proven LCOS chip technology means the WSS-1000 is a flexible tool for applications that require precise control of frequency (wavelength), bandwidth, attenuation and port count. The no-moving-parts design of the filter incorporating LCOS assures long term reliability.

WSS-1000 brochure
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Demo Video for In-band Attenuation