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Evolution of the Tunable Laser

Tunable Lasers

In 1989, Santec became the world’s first manufacturer of single mode external cavity tunable lasers. Developing the technology over the years, we have optimized the lasers to have a high sweep speed, wide tuning range, narrow linewidth and low noise.

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Ultimate Performance Tunable Laser


Our highest accuracy, fastest tuning, lowest noise and narrowest linewidth laser.

  • 200 nm/s Rapid Sweep
  • Linewidth < 60 kHz
  • < 1/10 Frequency Fluctuation (vs. conventional model)

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Premium Performance Tunable Laser


Narrow linewidth, low noise and premium performance.

  • Excellent Accuracy (± 2 pm) & Resolution (0.1 pm)
  • Narrow Linewidth < 100 kHz
  • Wide Tuning Range from 1480 to 1640 nm

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Essential Tunable Laser


Our best-selling tunable laser for all applications from laboratory to factory.

  • Wide Variety of Wavelength Options from 1260 to 1680 nm
  • High Output Power + 13 dBm
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90 dB/0.1 nm

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Ultra-Wideband Tunable Laser

Full-band TSL

420 nm tuning, high performance tunable laser system

  • Wide Wavelength Range 1260 to 1680 nm
  • Easy and Automated Operation by Software
Full-band TSL

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Compact & Robust Tunable Laser


Programmable, high power and step tuning laser

  • C-band or L-band Tuning with High Resolution
  • High Output Power > + 15 dBm

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