Swept Test System

Swept Test System

Swept Test System

The Santec Swept Test System has been developed to streamline photonic testing, providing a complete solution where high-speed analysis, along with high resolution and accuracy are key. Combining one of Santec’s power monitor output-equipped TSL series tunable lasers with a Santec optical power meter (MPM-210 or MPM-200), a polarization control unit (PCU-100) and custom software, the complete Swept Test System optimizes WDL and PDL measurement for use in both R&D and production environments.

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Using real-time referencing, while simultaneously acquiring output power from the tunable laser and the transmitted optical power through the DUT, the system provides high accuracy in WDL and PDL analysis. The Mueller Matrix method is used to generate fast PDL measurements.
A simplified system is available by combining a Santec Swept Processing Unit (SPU-100) and any basic power meter or photodetector, the resulting Swept Test System variant can be used for WDL measurements. Over-sampling and a rescaling algorithms are used to maximize testing throughput while maintaining measurement integrity. The system is particularly suited to transmission spectra characterization such as those required for DWDM components and High Q photonic devices. Rapid sweep and accurate measurement saves time and ensures the integrity and validity of your device characterization.



  • Real-time power referencing
    1. Accurate WDL/PDL characteristics measurement
    – High power repeatability <±0.02 dB
    – High PDL repeatability ±0.01 dB
    2. Automatic normalization of laser source power
  • Rescaling algorithm
    1. High wavelength resolution and accuracy
    2. Reduced measurement time
  • Multi-channel measurement is available.
  • Supporting LabVIEW control software
    1. Convenient set up of measurement parameters
    2. Data analysis




  • Optical components and modules characterization
    – Tunable Filters, Interleavers, Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), Couplers, Splitters, Isolators, Switches
    – WSS, Wavelength Blockers
    – DWDM components
  • Photonic material characterization
  • Optical spectroscopy




Typical Configuration

1/Polarization Dependent Loss measurement

  • Tunable Laser TSL-710/TSL-550/TSL-510
  • Polarization controller santec PCU-100
  • Optical power meter santec MPM-210/Agilent 816xA/B, 774xA optical power meter

2/ Wavelength Dependent Loss measurement (MPM-210)

  • Tunable Laser TSL-710/TSL-550/TSL-510
  • Optical power meter santec MPM-210

3/ Wavelength Dependent Loss measurement (Any other power meter)

  • Tunable Laser TSL-710/TSL-550/TSL-510
  • Swept Processing Unit SPU-100
  • Optical power meter (Needs data logging function)

Software support

  • Agilent 816xA/B, 774xA optical power meter
  • Yokogawa AQ2200 series optical power meter
  • Photo detector

Other customs may be possible upon request. Please ask.


Measurement result

WDL (Wavelength Dependent Loss) Measurement

1. High dynamic range measurement of 80 dB or more

The santec tunable laser source TSL series have been outfitted with an innovative cavity design to lower the optical ASE noise, resulting in an extraordinarily high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90 dB/0.1 nm, while also maintaining a high output power of over +10 dBm. The TSL series lasers are ideal for next generation components testing driven by innovations in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), passives and Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) that require characterization of multi-input, high extinction ratio devices. The following images show the measurement data of a CWDM filter and notch filter, (such as an FBG) respectively.

2. High wavelength accuracy +/-3pm

The santec tunable laser source TSL series has been equipped with the wavelength monitor in standard, so is ideal for high precise test of optical passive components. The measurement accuracy by less than a few pm can be confirmed by the measured wavelength of Acetylene (12C2H2) gas cell.

3. High wavelength resolution less than 0.1pm

The santec Swept Test System can measure not only WDL measurements of optical components (including Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), AWG, Wavelength Selective Switches
(WSS) and more), but also very narrow filters (i.e., High Q cavity devices) efficiently with high wavelength resolution, even during continuous sweeps.



Type A
Type C
Wavelength Accuracy *1 (typ.) (Absolute)
At 10 nm/s
At 40 nm/s
Wavelength Accuracy (typ.) (Relative)
At 10 nm/s
At 40 nm/s
Wavelength Repeatability *2
At 10 nm/s
At 40 nm/s
Scan Speed
1 to 100
0.5 to 100
Dynamic Range for Insertion Loss (typ.)
Dynamic Range for PDL (typ.)
0 to 5
Measurement Time for IL (typ.)
At 40 nm/s *4, *5
Measurement Time for IL / PDL (typ.)
At 40 nm/s *4, *5
Wavelength Resolution
IL Accuracy (typ.)
0 to 20 dB Device IL
20 to 40dB Device IL
IL Repeatability *2, *3 (typ.)
±0.02(±0.01 (typ.))
IL Resolution
PDL Accuracy (typ.)
±(0.02 + 3% of PDL)
0 to 20 dB Device IL
±(0.15 + 3% of PDL) (typ.)
20 to 40 dB Device IL
PDL Repeatability *2, *3 (typ.)
PDL Resolution
USB (USB 2.0 High Speed)
MPM-200 / PCU-100 / SPU-100
GP-IB (IEEE488.2)
TSL-550 / TSL-710 / MPM-200 / PCU-100
Operating Temperature
15 to 35
Operating Humidity
< 80

* All specifications are quoted after 1 hour warm-up period.
All specifications applies with santec optical power meter MPM-200.
*1 Temperature within 25 °C±5 °C
*2 Temperature within 25 °C±1 °C
*3 Does not include influence of connector.
*4 The measurement condition is within wavelength resolution 5pm, wavelength range 40 nm for 1 channel.
*5 Measurement dynamic range per scan is up to 40 dB.


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