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Tunable Laser (Premium model)

Santec built the world’s first commercially available narrow linewidth tunable laser in 1987. Growing from that innovative start, we have developed a range of laser solutions for a wide variety of applications across many technical fields. Santec introduced TSL-710 for users that needed higher wavelength accuracy and wider tuning range than the standard TSL-550.

See ultimate model:TSL-770


See essential model:TSL-550 (cost effective solution)


Combining high output power with high signal-to-noise ratio makes the TSL-710 an invaluable tool for optical testing. An innovative external cavity design has been implemented to lower the optical ASE noise, leading to a high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90 dB/0.1 nm, while still maintaining a high output power of over +10 dBm. The TSL-710 is also equipped with features such as fine-tuning and coherence control. GPIB interface with the industry standard SCPI command set allow full remote control and measurement automation.

The TSL-710 is an outstanding tool for testing next generation components for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) such as multi-input, high extinction ratio devices including Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS). The TSL-710 has excellent wavelength characteristics with high wavelength accuracy of ±2pm, high wavelength resolution of 0.1pm, and narrow linewidth of <100 kHz, features that make it suitable for cutting edge research in Silicon Photonic. The TSL-710 covers a wide tuning range of 160 nm and is designed to improve production inspection throughput by doubling the scan repetition rate over conventional lasers. The laser linewidth is less than 100 kHz, making it suitable to be used as a local oscillator in coherent transmission, as well as a tool for interferometry and sensing applications. In addition, the TSL-710 is available for WDL and PDL measurement with support of our dedicated software. (Swept Test System)



  • Wide Wavelength Range 1480-1640 nm (SCL-Band)If you request other wavelength range, please refer to TSL-550(O&CL-band), TSL-510(O, E, S ,U and CL-band).
  • Built in wavelength monitor with High Wavelength Accuracy ±2pm
  • Wavelength Resolution 0.1pm
  • High Output Power 10 dBm
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio 90 dB/0.1 nm
  • Narrow Linewidth 100 kHz
  • Swept Test System Option
    -Enable to measure the WDL/PDL characteristics of optical components and modules at high speed, with high accuracy and high resolution.



  • Optical component characterization
  • Fiber optic transmission testing
  • Photonic material characterization
  • Interferometry
  • Optical spectroscopy

Instance / Please refer to here for details. ->Swept Test System

The TSL-710 high performance tunable laser source is applicable for wavelength characterization synchronizing with other suppliers’ optical power meter or optical spectrum analyzer. The measurement support software is also available for quick set-up of measurement parameters.

Software support various instruments

    • Agilent 816xA/B, N774xA optical power meter
    • Yokogawa AQ2200 series optical power meter,
      AQ6317x, AQ6319, AQ6370x etc optical spectrum analyzer
    • dBm Optics component spectrum analyzer
    • Fiberpro CA3000 component spectrum analyzer
      ……and other




Wavelength vs. Output power

–Wide Wavelength Range–

Optical Spectrum

–High Output Power & High Signal-to-Noise Ratio–


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