Complete SS-OCT Systems
IVS-1000(1060 nm) -2000(1310 nm) -4000(1700 nm)

Santec has been an innovator for SS-OCT technology since the launch of our first swept source OCT unit in 2004. We bring a wealth of expertise backed up with a wide selection of hardware and software to address most all applications of SS-OCT, in medical, industrial and scientific fields. A SS-OCT system from Santec can accelerate your product development, help you gather rare, difficult-to-see images of features all with customized performance to meet your needs. Santec is the most flexible supplier of complete SS-OCT systems in the world, with a wider range of lasers, software modifications and probe hardware.

Recent additions to our SS-OCT system line-up includes a low-scatter 1.7 micron system for improved depth imaging in dense media, as well as a long coherence length system for high speed remote surface profiling. We continue to widen our scope of SS-OCT applications from medical diagnostics to in-situ industrial non-destructive testing.


  • Industrial non-invasive inspection
    • Film thickness (overcoat, paint, etc.)
    • Defect inspection (resin, molded plastic, etc.)
    • Figuration (semiconductor, etc.)
  • Biology & Medical microscope


  • Non-contact, Non-destructive, Non-invasive
  • 2D & 3D measurements
  • High speed (100 kHz) & High resolution (<5 μm) OCT system
  • Including 3D viewer software
  • Customization available

IVS-2000 Brochure

University of California, Irvine (UCI) has published their first paper using our 1.7 micron swept source.
Shows promise for cardio-OCT: “significantly improved imaging depth and better identification sensitivity” when compared to 1.3 micron imaging.


IVS-1000/2000/4000 Line-Up

Model No. Center Wavelength Features Lasers
IVS-4000-ST 1700 nm Low Scatter MEMS type
IVS-2000-ST 1310 nm General and In-line Inspection Polygon scanner type
IVS-2000-HR 1310 nm High Resolution Polygon scanner type
IVS-2000-LC 1310 nm Long imaging range MEMS type
IVS-2000-HS 1310 nm High Speed :100 kHz A-line MEMS type
IVS-1000-VCSEL 1060 nm Tunable VCSEL Tunable VCSEL



System Configuration

OCT-sample-images If you are interested in the lasers for SS-OCT
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