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Lasers for Sensing

Santec has optimized its high-speed scanning laser technology for use in a number of sensing applications including spectroscopy, FMCW LiDAR and FBG sensors. Customization of scan speed, center wavelength and scanning range are also available to meet the requirements of new sensing applications and customer needs.

Model No. Center Wavelength Features
ISL-280 1.06 μm

Single Mode Tunable VCSEL at 1.06μm

ISL-90 3.3 μm Mid IR High Speed Swept Source

Single Mode Tunable VCSEL at 1060nm


ISL-280 is based on Santec's advanced electrically pumped VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology. This is an attractive laser for sensing applications with single mode lasing, a variable scan speed and low signal noise. The ISL-280 delivers the best in-class performance in a compact package that has been designed for system integration. The laser is robust, reliable and suitale for high volume mass production.

  • Single mode lasing
  • Ultra long coherence length
  • Flexible scanning rate, tuning range, and direction
  • Coherence revival and mode competition noise free
  • Compact , reliable design
  • Integrated K-trigger
  • Low cost

  • OFDR
  • FBG interrogator
  • Shape sensing

  • Center wavelength: 1060 nm
  • Maximum output power: ≧ 40 mW
  • Scan range: ≧ 75 nm
  • Scan rate: 10 - 400 kHz (selectable)
  • Coherence length : > 100 m (theoretical value)
Scan Charasteristics

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Mid IR High Speed Swept Source


ISL-90, is a swept-wavelength laser operating in the mid-IR around 3.3 microns, that operates with a continuous, repeating scan selectable between 5 and 200 kHz. This wavelength range is suitable for spectroscopy of CH, NH and OH radicals. The fast scan speed enables the real time monitoring of very rapid concentration changes. This is a unique laser which is single mode over the entire scanning range and with a linewidth of less than 0.1 pm.

  • High Spectral resolution:<0.1 pm ( <0.0001 cm-1 ) * HWHM
  • Narrow linewidth suitable for rotational spectrum measurement
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple gases from a mixed gas
  • Wide wavelength scanning range:3200 to 3400 nm (2941 to 3125 cm-1)
  • High scanning speed allows analysis of dynamic phenomenon,such as transient changes in an internal combustion engine
  • Robust design with few mechanical parts
  • Direct gas measurement.
  • Compact, separate probe head

  • Process control at petrochemical plants
  • Flue gas control in coal-fired electrical power plants
  • Gas concentration sensing in semiconductor processes
  • Analysis of methane composition in natural gas
  • Development of the next-generation internal combustion engines
  • Mid-infrared OCT

  • Center wavelength: 3.3 μm
  • Maximum output power: ≧ 10 μW
  • Scan rate: 2 - 40 nm /μs
  • Scan range: ≧ 200nm
  • Wavelength resolution : < 0.05 pm

Application example: Measurement system configuration


Application example: Gas detection

 Parameter  Unit


 Scan Rate  kHz 5 to 100 Selectable
Scan Speed (Average)  nm/μs  2 to 40  Selectable 
Optical Output Power  μW  10  Minimum 
Center Wavelength  μm  3.3+/-0.1  3030+/- 100cm-1 
 Tuning Range nm  200 (Typical)   185cm-1
Wavelength Resolution
(Spectral Linewidth (HWHM)) 
pm  < 0.05   <0.00005cm-1
Duty Ratio % > 45  
Collimated Beam Diameter mm  2.5 (Typical)  FWHM 
Power Requirments  V ac 100 - 240  50 - 60Hz 
Operating Environment 


10 - 35
10 - 95 
Outside Air Temperature

Physical Dimensions
(W x D x H)

mm 345 x 375 x 150

Without Probe Head

Weight kg 7

Without Probe Head

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