OCT Application Laboratories

OCT Application Laboratories

Santec’s OCT application laboratories have been established to enable the rapid evaluation of customer samples and provides the equipment for comprehensive feasibility studies. The laboratory is equipped with a range of swept-wavelength OCT systems. These can be configured with different light sources and probes to optimize imaging conditions. Application specialists are on-hand to discuss each requirement and provide support to find the best imaging solution for each application.

The application laboratories are tailored to imaging materials and industrial devices with a view to optimizing manufacturing processes or providing in-line quality control. Nevertheless, we appreciate OCT imaging can benefit a broad range of industries and we welcome enquiries for imaging any type of sample.

Applications laboratories have been established in the following locations:

jp headquartersJapan

Headquarters, Komaki, Aichi
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Santec Photonics Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA
Tel.: 1-800-SANTEC-1 / 1-201-488-5505
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Santec Europe Ltd., London
Tel.: +44-20-3176-1550
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Santec (Shanghai) Corporation Ltd, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-58361261, +86-21-58361262
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Santec has pioneered Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT). Initially developing the swept-wavelength laser engine and subsequently complete SS-OCT systems for both medical and industrial applications. We have over 15 years experience in applications as diverse as dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry, laser weld monitoring, wafer thickness measurement, courting / film thickness measurement, in-line manufacturing process control and 3D profiling.

Information on our OCT systems and swept-wavelength light sources are available in the links below.