OCT Software

OCT Software


OCT 3D Image Viewer

With the Santec OCT Image Viewer Software, OCT 3D image presentations can be developed using OCT volume image data measured by an with an OCT system (TD, SD, SS-OCT). Simply import processed OCT data into the software to generate clear and striking images. OCT data can be presented effectively when using settings such as rotation, transparency, trimming and contrast adjustment, together with the ability to save either still or movie files, all standard in the OCT 3D Image Viewer.



Software description

  • Basic functions: Zoom-In/Out, Drag/Move, Add Frame, Trimming (Clipping), Rotation, along all X, Y, Z axes.
  • Image adjustment: Contrast (Range) setting, Transparency, Rendering, Color histogram display
  • Save Bitmap file, Movie file save function is now supported in the latest version*.
    (*You need to purchase a full license for this option. Trial version available.)
  • Input OCT Data format: Volume data consists of a multiple of 2D slice data file.
  • File type: Binary (Big-endian)
  • Data type: byte, short, ushort, int, uint, float, double.
  • Header: 8 bytes (Other formats will be supported shortly, so please send your contact for future update.)
  • Data size: up to 256×1024 pixel (for 2D) x 256 slices.
  • Simple data loading from standard OCT program in Santec OCT system (Inner Vision).


Multi Slice Viewer

This software enables advanced analysis of 3D data (raw data taken by IVS-2000, IVS-300)
Simultaneous analysis of all X-Y-Z planes data generates a powerful tool to extract detailed information from datasets to better understand and quantify 3D image content.

  • Simultaneous 2D slice data presentation from all 3 planes
  • 2D slice image taken from any arbitrarily selected point
  • Averaging of any arbitrary 2D data
  • Peak search function within any arbitrary 2D data
  • Refractive index scaled presentation of data
  • Data image can be saved (BMP, JPG, PNG)
  • Distance measuring function between any 2 data points
  • Simultaneous 3-planes presentation