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Swept-Source OCT System

Santec’s Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography System (SS-OCT) provides a complete, flexible solution which can be used for a wide range of applications, both medical and industrial. Components can be selected to optimize the imaging speed, resolution, imaging area and depth for each application. The system is supplied with a graphic user interface (GUI) that controls the scan parameters and displays both cross sectional and 3D images. An API is available as an option, for integration with other equipment and image analysis automation. We also supports the hardware and software customization where appropriate.

IVS Products Line-Up

Model No. Center Wavelength Features Lasers
IVS-1000-VCSEL 1060 nm Ultra Long Imaging Range Tunable VCSEL
IVS-2000-HR 1310 nm High Resolution HSL-2100
IVS-2000-HS 1310 nm High Speed HSL-20
IVS-2000-LC 1310 nm Long Imaging Range HSL-20
IVS-2000-ST 1310 nm Simple & Standard HSL-2100

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  • Non-contact, non-destructive, non-invasive imaging system
  • 1-D, 2-D & 3-D measurement capability
  • Choice of light sources and probes to optimize imaging conditions
  • Up to 400 kHz A-scan rate
  • GUI with Image, intensity, time lapse and raw data output
  • 3-D Viewer and image analysis software (options)
  • SDK for C++, C# & LabVIEW (options)



Ultra Long Imaging Model at 1060nm


IVS-1000-VCSEL uses Santecʼs Tunable VCSEL light source operating at 1060 nm. This wavelength is particularly suitable for imaging samples with a high water content and is widely used for ophthalmic applications. The laser has a long coherence length, this opens up many imaging applications which require an large depth of field.
A final feature of the system is that the acquisition speed can be modified via software, which provides flexibility to adjust the imaging range.

  • Samples with high water content
  • Ophthalmology

  • Center wavelength: 1060 nm
  • A-line rate: 10 - 400 kHz (selectable)
  • Axial resolution : < 15μm (in air)
                                   Retinal Imaging

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High Resolution Model at 1310nm


IVS-2000-HR has been developed for applications requiring high axial resolution. A selection of probes are available to optimize the scan range and lateral resolution providing the finest detail for each application. This system is well suited to skin imaging for both dermatology and cosmetic research.

  • High-resolution skin imaging for cosmetic research
  • Industrial imaging with high resolution and accuracy
  • In-vivo cancer imaging

  • Center wavelength: 1310 nm
  • A-line rate: 20 kHz
  • Axial resolution: < 9μm (in air)
IVS-2000-HRFinger (Showing sweat duct)

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High Speed Model at 1310nm


IVS-2000-HS is optimized to provide rapid imaging using the 1310 nm wavelength. Combined with the low-scattering coefficient at this wavelength, the IVS-2000-HS provides the high contrast and deeper imaging of high scattering materials. In addition, this model is particularly attractive for in-line inspection and monitoring systems.

  • Industrial inspection
  • Laser weld monitoring
  • Cardiovascular and endoscopic imaging

  • Center wavelength: 1310 nm
  • A-line rate: 100 kHz
  • Axial resolution : < 18μm (in air)
IVS-2000-HSLaser Weld Monitoring (Key hole welding)

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Long Imaging Range Model at 1310nm


IVS-2000-LC uses the MEMS based scanning laser with a 50kHz scan and long coherence length. This provides a imaging range of over >18 mm in air. The fast data acquisition and extended depth imaging capability make this system suitable for industrial imaging applications as well as precise measurements of 3-D surfaces.

  • Anterior chamber of the eye imaging
  • Industrial imaging
  • 3-D object profiling
  • Defect Inspection

  • Center wavelength: 1310 nm
  • A-line rate: 50 kHz
  • Axial resolution : < 18μm (in air)
IVS-2000-LCMultiple Lenses Inspection

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Standard Model at 1310nm


IVS-2000-ST operates at 1310 nm and provides a balanced combination of performance characteristics for general imaging applications. It is particularly suitable as a laboratory instrument as well as integration into industrial imaging systems. These applications will benefit from the high measurement accuracy, stable performance and affordability.

  • Imaging system development
  • Industrial measurement for in-line inspection
  • Real time process monitoring

  • Center wavelength: 1310 nm
  • A-line rate: 20 kHz
  • Axial resolution: < 18μm (in air)
IVS-2000-STSemiconductor Device Inspection

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