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Product Guide

Product Guide 2020 (12MB)


Precautions for Transporting Tunable Lasers and Optical Instluments

Packing Instructions 194kb



Integrated Tap Photo Detector

IPD-1/4/8/10 Tap-Integrated Photo Detector 378kb

PDA-4/8/10 Fiber-Pigtailed Photo Detector 55kb


Variable Attenuators

MOVA-1 MEMS Optical Variable Attenuator 858kb

OVA-650 Motorized Optical Variable Attenuator 69kb


WDM Filters

OFM-15 2-port Filter Module 84kb

WDM-15 100GHz/200GHz 54kb

WDM-15 1.3/1.5 splitter/Combiner 92kb

MDM-15 Mux/Demux Module 4 Channel 100GHz/200GHz 99kb

MDM-15 Mux/Demux Module 8 Channel 100GHz/200GHz 56kb

CWDM-15 3-port FilterModule 52kb

Metro-X CWDM Mux/DemuxModule 71kb

C-CWDM Compact CWDM Mux / Demux Module 256kb

TPF-15 Triple Play Filter 191kb



WBE-300 avelength Blocker & Equalizer


Wavelength locker

OWL-10 Optical wavelength locker 69kb


Tunable Lasers

TSL-770 Swept Wavelength Tunable Laser
TSL-710 Swept Wavelength Tunable Laser

TSL-550 Swept Wavelength Tunable Laser

TSL-350 Swept Wavelength Tunable Laser

Swept Test System High Speed Swept Test System

Full-band TSL

WSL-110 Tunable Laser


Tunable Filters

OTF-980 Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable Filter

OTF-930 Optical Tunable Filter

OTF-350 Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable Filter

OTF-320 Dial-in Optical Tunable Filter


Optical Test and Measurement Equipment

MPM-210/211,212,213 Multi-Port Optical Power Meter

PEM-340 Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter

PLS-100 Polarized Light Source


Laboratory Components

OTF-350 Wavelength & Bandwidth Tunable Filter

OTF-320 Dial-in Optical Tunable Filter


OCT System・Light Source

OCT Application Note

IVS-300 brochure

IVS-300 Application Note



Inner Vision LiDAR