Micro Optomechanical Devices for Medical Endoscope Applications

Micro Optomechanical Devices for Medical Endoscope Applications


Abstract: We propose an all-optical fiberscopic endoscope for medical diagnosis by using a MEMS optical scanner with the wavelength-division multiplex approach. An infrared light of 1.3 microns was used for medical inspection through the endoscope fiber, and it was scanned over the tissue of interest by using a MEMS scanning mirror. The mirror was electrostatically operated not by using external voltage line but by co-located photovoltaic cell, which generated operation voltage from another input light of 1.5-micron-wavelength. The entire sensor head (fiber, beam splitter, photovoltaic cell, and MEMS chip) was encapsulated in a Pyrex glass tube of 5 mrn outer diameter. Drive voltage of 5 V was obtained by the optical modulation, and the MEMS scanner chip operated at 300 Hz resonance for optical scan angle of 10 degrees. In this paper, we present the MEMS device structure, optical system, and preliminary imaging of human skin tissue by the optical coherent tomography.


OCT, Optical Coherence Tomography, wavelength-swept,


Muneki Nakada, Changho Chong, Keiji Isamoto, Hiroyuki Fujita and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi