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The Photonics Pioneer

Message from the Chairman


Today, communication networks such as the internet is an essential life line for our daily life. Optical technology supports the ever increasing data transmission infrastructure that delivers communications around the world.

We, Santec, have focused on the possibilities of optical communicatons since its dawn, and developed the world's first “fully automated optical fiber inspection system” in 1984. Since then, we have released many of the “world first” test equipment to the market.

Based on the advanced technology we accumulated during the optical test equipment development we have introduced unique optical devices and the world’s first commercial SS-OCT products to the market.

The possibility of light is not limited to communication. We will pioneer new optical measurement systems in medical, industrial and optical information processing fields, and will strive to achieve sustainable company growth.

We will continue to contribute to enrich the society through research and development of original and unique optical technology.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement. 

Board of Director, Chairman