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    Our Vision and Mission.

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  • History

    View our corporate history as we highlight our innovative product developments throughout the years.

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    View the Core Technologies Utilized to Develop our State-of-the-Art Optical Products.

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Pioneers in optical technology, Santec offers high performance and reliable products.

  • Tunable Lasers and
    Optical Testing

    Tunable lasers, tunable filters, optical test & measurement equipment, and laboratory components.

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  • Optical Imaging / Sensing

    Optical Coherence Tomography systems, swept sources and probes.

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  • Optical Components

    Components for optical communications.

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Santec products are used in a variety of important advanced scientific applications,
including emerging photonic technologies and forward-looking research.

  • White Papers

    Our research results, technical data and application notes can be found here.

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  • Optical Communication

    Optical communication is an important infrastructure of our network society. It supports undersea, long-haul, metro, access and mobile network around the world. Its broadband capability is applied for connecting computers and consumer electronics. Santec provides key optical devices and subsystems used for these applications.

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  • Medical Imaging

    OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a new 3D imaging technology that uses infrared light to provide a safe, high speed, high resolution method to analyze the microscopic structure of biological tissues. Rather than harmful X-ray radiation, this imaging method relies on safe, low levels of infrared light. This non-invasive technique penetrates a few inches from the surface allowing for high speed 3-D visualization to provide on-site real time diagnosis.

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  • Opto-electronics

    Santec develops and manufactures a variety of fiber-optic devices for various applications. Manually controlled or electronically driven, these optical devices can be used for attenuation, filtering, and monitoring and are suitable for fiber optic applications in research, development or system integration.

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  • Optical Instruments

    Optical technology is useful for test and measurement of manufacturing, production and analysis. Santec provides various optical performance T&M instruments and also provides visual inspection system using OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology.

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  • AV Cable

    Optical fiber is also used for networking digital equipment. Optical fiber has a broadband, low loss transmission, favorable for short reach, high speed digital data links connecting computers and audio visual equipment.

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Get technical support for Santec products and services.

  • Operation Manuals

    Download the operation manual for your Santec product.

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    PDF files relating to our products.

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  • Download Software

    LabVIEW Drivers for our optical instrument products.

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  • Product Support

    Information regarding optical measurement equipment maintenance and product discontinuations.

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  • Technical Support

    We are committed to providing a ‘total service’ package to our customers.

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Investor Relations

SANTEC CORPORATION is a listed company on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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  • Investors

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Three words encapsulate our corporate philosophy and
are central to each employee’s sense of commitment and duty.

Independency, Creativity, Consciousness

Independence allows autonomy for decisions to be made by those on the front lines of technology.
Creativity encourages the search for the best possible solution, regardless of convention.
Consciousness is the awareness of each team member’s role in the larger mission
and inspires diligence and dedication to each project, each customer, and to our company.

The ICC Spirit is prevalent at every level of our organization,
from the flexible nature of our Satellite corporate structure,
through our rapid decision-making processes,
right down to the enthusiasm of each employee in their daily work.

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    Santec Corporation is a multi-national high-tech company.

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