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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Company

Q. Please tell us the history of your company.

Please confirm the “History” page.

Q. What exchanges are you listed on and when is the listing date?

Santec is listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Santec was listed on the NASDAQ Japan Market on July 24, 2001. The NASDAQ Japan Market was renamed the Hercules Market in 2002 and became the JASDAQ Market in 2010. Santec selected and apply for listing on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in line with the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s restructuring to new market segments in 2022.

Q. Where are your offices and factory in Japan?

Our head office (including the factory) is located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture.
We also have an office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo as a sales base for the solution business. For details, please refer to the "Locations" page.
For information on how to visit us, please refer to the "Locations" page.

Q.Where are your overseas factories and offices?

We have the following overseas factories and offices.

Santec U.S.A. CORPORATION (New Jersey, USA)
SANTEC EUROPE LTD. (London, England)
Santec (Shanghai) Corporation Limited (Shanghai, China).
JGR Optics Inc. (Ottawa, Canada)
OptoTest Corp. (California, USA)

For details, please refer to the "Locations" page.

Q. Please tell us about the relationship with your major shareholders.

Kohwa Co., Ltd. is one of the major shareholders. The relationship between Santec and the Kohwa Co., Ltd is disclosed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, so please refer to the disclosure.

About the Business

Q. Please tell us about your main business.

Our three main businesses are "Optical parts related business" which develops manufactures and sells optical parts used for optical communication, and "Optical measuring instrument" which develops, manufactures, and sells equipment used for inspection of optical fibers and optical parts."Optical imaging and sensing related business" that develops, manufactures, and sells measuring instruments used for medical diagnosis and industrial inspection.
For the explanation of each business, please refer to the "Markets & Applications" page.

Q. What are your characteristics and strengths?

We are an "R&D-oriented company". We have created many high value-added products by "challenging R&D that others have not done and that cannot be found anywhere else in the world" and by "speedy and timely introduction to the market".

About the management policy

Q. Please tell us about your management policy and philosophy.

Please visit the "Santec Policy" page.

Q. What are your target management indicators?

From the perspective of expanding shareholder value while efficiently utilizing shareholders' equity, the main management index is an operating income margin of 15%.

About the Investors Relations

Q. Please give us the information regarding IR activities including the schedule.

Please refer to the "IR Calendar" page.

About the stocks

Q. Please tell us about your policy for the dividends.

We recognize that returning profits to our shareholders is one of the important management issues. Our basic policy is to maintain a stable dividend level by comprehensively considering the earnings situation and financial position while securing the retained earnings necessary for future business development and strengthening the management base. We have set a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% as a guideline to be targeted.

Q. Do you have a special benefit program for shareholders?

We do not have a special benefit program for shareholders.

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