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Programmable Optical Filters


Programmable arbitrary spectral shaping

The WSS-2000 is a LCOS based Programmable Optical Filter. Santec's proprietary LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology inside the WSS-2000 offers the ultimate in flexibility, enabling the user to program a limitless range of optical filtering, attenuation and switching schemes. The WSS-2000 is an enabling technology for investigating next generation optical networks by utilizing the filter as an optical equalizer of high-speed signals, as an adaptive channel filter for advanced optical transmission systems (DWDM, OFDM), as a WSS emulator or as a flexible test and measurement system.


  • Programmable arbitrary spectral generation and spectral shaping
  • Fine frequency and bandwidth control using LCOS. Setting resolution 0.78GHz (typ.)
  • Excellent optical filtering with steeper edge 400dB/nm (typ.)
  • Switching function optionally 1, 2, or 4 outputs

Measurement Data




  • Optical amplifier testing and evaluation with optical equalizer for high-speed optical signal
  • 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s high speed transmission test
  • Adjustable and adaptive DWDM,OFDM channel filtering
  • Flexible test and measurement
  • Next generation bundle wavelength OXC
  • Pulse shaping
  • Optical comb generation
  • Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) emulator


Category Parameter Unit Min. typ. Max. Notes
Filter Operating frequency range THz 191.250   196.150  
Operating wavelength range nm 1528.383   1567.543  
Frequency setting accuracy GHz -2.5   2.5  
Frequency setting resolution GHz 0.78  
Operating bandwidth range GHz 10   4900  
nm 0.08   39  
Bandwidth setting accuracy GHz -5   5  
Bandwidth setting resolution GHz     1.56      
Attenuation control range dB 0   20  
Attenuation setting resolution dB     0.1     
Attenuation setting accuracy 1 dB -0.2   0.2 Attenuation 1.0-2.0dB
Attenuation setting accuracy 2 dB -0.5   0.5 Attenuation 2.1-5.0dB
Attenuation setting accuracy 3 dB -1   1 Attenuation 5.1-15.0dB
Filter edge slope dB/nm   400    
Switching   Number of input ports      1     
Number of output ports       1, 2 or 4      
Setting time msec   500   Depending on setting spectrum
Loss      Insertion loss dB   5.5 6.5 Bandwidth@-3dB > 25GHz
Insertion loss uniformity dB   1.1 2.5  
Polarization dependent loss (PDL) dB     0.8 Attenuation 0-10.0dB
Return loss dB 30 35    
Extinction ratio dB 35 40    
 Optical power   Maximum total input power dBm      27  
Maximum per-channel optical power   dBm      13   
Environmental Operating temperature degC 15   35  
Electrical Power supply V  Input AC 100-240V 50-60Hz     
Power consumption VA     9  
Communication interface   Ethernet  
Mechanical Dimensions (W) x (D) x(H) mm  210 x 350 x 88  
Weight kg 4  

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