Game Changing 3D Optical Profiler

3D Optical Profiler


Designed to support R&D and production environments the OPS-1000 delivers high speed, high accuracy, non-contact 3D measurements regardless of target's shape, material, or color. The OPS-1000 optical profiler captures surfaces that other profilers may miss. For inquiries regarding customization, OEM or simply a quote, please click here.


【Measurement Principle】

The Santec Optical Profiling System uses the combination of a high-speed tunable laser and an interferometric detection technique to bring record sensitivity to single beam, non-contact optical profiling. The configuration is based on the Swept Source OCT technology. To learn more about the principle and benefits of OCT, please click here.

【OPS Products Line-Up】

Model No. Features
OPS-1000-15 High Resolution
OPS-1000-100 Long Imaging Range
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1. High Sensitivity

Minimum light detection sensitivity of 100dB
Dynamic Range >70dB

2. Single Beam Geometry

Single Beam Geometry minimizes structural interference within shapes and structures.


3. High Speed Measurement

OPS-1000 brings high measurement speed up to 400,000 points per second for
complete automatic inspection.

4. Ambient Light Neutral

OPS-1000 utilizes a coherent measurement principle; so is not affected by ambient light such as sunlight or stray light in a production environment, delivering reliable data. Shapes such as the keyhole formed during laser welding can be clearly
measured using the OPS-1000.

  • 3D measurement of materials
  • 3D detection of defects
  • Fully automated profiling
  • Real time process monitoring
  • 3D Automated Optical Inspection Scan
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