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Wafer Thickness Mapping System


TMS-2000 uses an interferometric detection technique with a high-speed tunable laser to measure the flatness of the wafer up to 1nm repeatability for global, site and edge measurements of the wafer. Conventional wafer thickness mapping techniques struggle with accuracy issues when used in unstable environments involving extreme temperature changes and vibrations while the TMS-2000 has high environmental stability. Thanks to its high-speed measurement capability and compact size, the TMS-2000 can be used in various industrial fields involving in-line inspection.

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【TMS-2000 Software】

The TMS-2000 comes with unique data acquisition software for consistent measurement, analysis and data output. The stage can hold up to 12 inch wafers, and once set, it automatically detects the notch position and wafer center effectively auto-loading coordinate data. In addition to thickness mapping and line profile analysis, flatness parameters compliant with SEMI standards can be statistically analyzed and the data can be output in any format. It can also analyze the thickness difference between the two specified wafers so it can be used for monitoring the polishing process.


1. High Accuracy

High accuracy measurement using interferometric detection technique (1nm repeatability)

2. Various Measurement Parameters

Analysis of Global (GFLR, GFLD, GBIR), Site (SFQR, SFQD, SBIR), Edge (ESFQR) possible

3. High Environmental Resistance

No temperature control or vibration countermeasures are required due to environmental durability

4. Compact Size

Small form factor suitable for multiple applications

5. High Speed

Spiral Scanning (High speed, high density)


Thickness Measurement, Site & Edge Analysis

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