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Santec introduces new OEM optical switch

Product Name: OEM Optical Switch
Model: OSX-100E

Santec Holdings Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced optical components, tunable lasers, optical test equipment, and OCT systems, announces the product launch of the OSX-100E OEM Optical Switch. Available in different sizes up to 80 channels with single-mode, multimode, polarization maintaining or custom core sizes.
Now you can benefit from the same technology used in Santec’s proven IL/RL measurement systems where reliability is critical. Ultra-low loss (< 0.5 dB), excellent repeatability (±0.005 dB), and low wavelength dependence as well as multimode modal transparency make the OSX-100E invisible to your application. For polarization maintaining applications the PMF OSX-100E maintains a PER>23 dB and an IL < 1.0 dB across all channels.
In addition to the standard 1xN, 2xN in both ganged and trailing configurations are available.
The smallest form factor OSX-100E (90x42x40 mm) can fit in a conventional 1U module chassis and has up to 27 channels. The compact configuration of the OSX-100E combined with the standard I2C communication protocol allows for a simple and flexible integration.


  • Compact: Common configuration measures 90 mm x 42 mm x 40 mm

  • Standard Communication: I2C communication protocol

  • Low Loss: Less than 0.50 dB per channel for common fiber types: SMF, 50µm, and 62.5 µm