Outstanding Performance

High-Speed LCOS Spatial Light Modulator



SLM-210 is our high speed model with significantly improved response speed as a high performance product which uses its second generation LCOS technology. SLM-210 is a LCOS-SLM with a response time of less than 10 ms, which is more than 20 times faster than the conventional LCOS-SLM and it is expected to contribute to the improvement of performance in optical applications such as wavefront correction, optical beam shaping for laser processing, biosensing and quantum computing.



  • Response time typ. 6 ms, (Type A)
  • WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • Memory function
  • Triggers-input & output
  • Robust long FPC


  • Holography
  • Wavefront correction
  • Beam steering
  • Biosensing
  • Quantum computing
  • Pulse/Beam shaping
  • Programmable phase pattern

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Item min max Units Notes
Wavelength range 450 Type A: 700
Type B: 1100
Type C: 1600
nm Type A: AR coating options: -00, -01, -12
Type B: AR coating options: -00, -02, -03
Type C: AR coating options: -00, -04, -14, -21
Phase depth rad. Type A: At 700 nm
Type B: At 1100 nm
Type C: At 1600 nm
Response time 1)
Tr / Tf
Type A: 6 / 18
Type B: 17 / 53
Type C: 48 / 200
ms Tr: Rise time between 10% and 90% levels
in a phase change of 0 to 2π rad at 25℃.
Tf: Fall time between 90% and 10% levels
in a phase change of 0 to 2π rad at 25℃.
Frame rate 60 or 120 Hz Factory setting, default 60 Hz
Panel reflectivity Typ. > 90 %  Depending on specified wavelength range
Aperture ratio 95 %  
Pixel size / pitch 7.8 / 8.0 μm  
Panel size (H) 15.36 x (V) 9.60 mm Active area
Panel resolution 2) (H) 1920 x (V) 1200 pixel  
LCOS drive frequency 1200 Hz  
Phase stability Typ. < 0.002π rad.  
Gray level 10 (1024 levels) bit  
Optical power handling 3) Typ. 10 W/cm² 1550 nm CW, 2.0 mm beam diameter
Operating temperature 15 35 No condensation 
Storage temperature 0 40 No condensation 
Interface DVI*/ USB 3.0 *10-bit using RGB 8-bit, 3 colors
Dimensions 117.6 x 117.6 x 33.7 mm  
Control software GUI software and SDK for Windows  C#, Python, Matlab, Labview

1)  Response time is a typical value and is not affected by frame rate.
2)  Specification on the defect pixels are no object.
3)  The value is not guaranteed.






  • GUI Software
  • SLM Pattern Generator Installer
  • SLM SDK for Windows
If you require a GUI software and the driver, please download from here.


Spatial Light Modulators Help Quantum Computer Research


At CLEO 2022 (the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics), six of MIT researchers presented papers on quantum computers using Santec's spatial light modulators.


Q.Do you have reflectance data for the AR coating of LCOS-SLM?

Yes, we can provide reflectance data. Please contact us.